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Comprehensive Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder Care in Boulder, CO


Cutting Edge

Boulder Orthopedics and Mapleton Hill Orthopaedics Merge

Two great practices become the Centre of orthopedics in Boulder

BOULDER, CO (April 1, 2016) - Boulder Orthopedics and Mapleton Hill Orthopaedics are proud to announce their merger.  We are the BoulderCentre for Orthopedics. 


Since 1968, our community orthopedic surgeons have been serving the needs of Boulder and the entire Front Range.  Healing musculoskeletal injuries suffered by our patients is our focus.  We promise to do our best to keep you moving, healthy and well.  Patient care has always been a priority and will continue to be our focus at the Centre.


Our new location will open at 4740 Pearl Parkway, Boulder, CO 80301 on April 12, 2016. Our new space will facilitate state-of-the art care and imaging.   

Daniel Master, hand surgeon in Boulder CO

In the News . . .

Dr. Master Successfully Performs Hand Replantation


June 17, 2013

On June 17th of 2013, Dr. Master fielded an emergency phone call from a regional hospital in northern California.  A patient had amputated both of his hands at the wrist level.  The patient was subsequently flown to Stanford University Medical Center where Dr. Master and his partners successfully replanted both of his hands.

Dr. Master Performs Pyrocarbon Finger Arthroplasty


May 17, 2013

Dr. Master successfully treated a patient with severe arthritis of his knuckle joint using a ceramic joint replacement system.  

Dr. Master Suspends the Thumb for Relief

January 18, 2013

Dr. Master utilizes a special technique to treat patients with thumb arthritis.  After removing all areas of arthritis at the base of the thumb, he then suspends the thumb from the index (pointer) finger with a special implant.  This technique allows patients to start moving their thumb four weeks earlier than normal.

Daniel Master, hand surgeon in Boulder CO
World Class Care

Dr. Master is fellowship trained in hand, wrist, and upper limb surgery.  He completed his Orthopaedic Surgery training at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH. Following this, he was awarded a Hand and Upper Limb Fellowship position at the prestigious Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, CA.  Dr. Master then joined Boulder Centre for Orthopedics, P.C. to provide comprehensive hand and upper extremity care to the Boulder community.


Dr. Master treats patients with hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder conditions with the following cutting edge techniques:


  • Endoscopic carpal tunnel release

  • Thumb, finger, wrist, elbow, and shoulder arthroscopy and joint replacement

  • Hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, arm, and shoulder fracture treatment and complex revision surgery in both adults and children

  • Minimally invasive treatments for Dupuytren’s disease including Xiaflex (collagenase) injections,  Digit Widget application, and surgical treatment (fasciotomy and/or fasciectomy)

  • Complex peripheral nerve surgery

  • Upper extremity nerve transfers and tendon transfers for nerve injury and spinal cord injury

Cutting Edge Techniques for Your Hands
Daniel Master, hand surgeon in Boulder CO
Wrist Arthroscopy

Wrist pain can be caused by a wide variety of problems.   Diagnosis often requires physical examination as well as X-rays and, in some cases, advanced imaging modalities such as MRI.  However, none of these diagnostic techniques are 100% accurate all of the time.  As such, the cause of a patient’s wrist pain may not always be perfectly clear.  Dr. Master has gained extensive clinical experience with wrist arthroscopy (looking inside the wrist joint with a small camera).  The benefit of this technique is that it allows for direct visualization of many structures inside the wrist without making large incisions.   Wrist arthroscopy can often shed light on a diagnosis which has remained unclear.  In addition, this technique can also allow for treatment of the identified problem with a minimally invasive approach (i.e. without "open" surgery).  

Daniel Master, hand surgeon in Boulder CO
Our Mission

We develop treatment plans that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient.  We rely on the latest evidence-based medical studies to treat each patient with the least invasive methods possible.  Most importantly, we treat each patient as a family member.


Let us help you get back to your active lifestyle!  Call us today at 303-440-7941.

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